{"title":"Outbreak City - Terms","content":"\n
Disclaimer<\/div>\n\tOutbreak City accepts no responsibility for the actions of its members (e.g. self harm, vandalism, drug abuse).\n\tOutbreak City will not be held responsible and does not encourage any anti-social or illegal behaviour.\n\tOutbreak City is a game; just because an action is possible in-game, doesn't mean you should repeat it in real life (e.g. committing crimes, attacking others).\n\t\n\t
Terms of Service<\/div>\n\t
1.<\/div> The Terms of Service can change at any time without notification. Any major updates will be publicly announced; however it is the players responsibility to regularly check these terms.\n\t
2.<\/div> After signing up the player will have the opportunity (at any time) to review the \"Service Rules\"; which is an extension to these Terms of Service. It is the players responsibility to read and comply with these rules.\n\t
3.<\/div> If the player breaks either of the terms listed here, or any game rule they acknowledge that sanctions will be issued.\n\t
4.<\/div> Creating multiple accounts to aid each-other is prohibited. The player may create up to 2 accounts, but they must not interact with one another (e.g. sending money, attacking, marriage).\n\t
5.<\/div> Players are not permitted to share a single account. Accounts which are signed into from various IP addresses will be suspended.\n\t
6.<\/div> The player will be held responsible for any action performed under their account. It is the players responsibility to ensure their password is secure.\n\t
7.<\/div> Outbreak City enforces some system managed blocks which prevent some forms of anti-social and discriminative language and content; however sometimes content will get through. Outbreak City assumes no responsibility and will not be held liable for any player generated content. Players acknowledge that content can be reported to the management team if it breaks any rules or terms.\n\t
8.<\/div> Outbreak City reserves the right to remove or edit any player submitted content at any time. Players acknowledge that any unsuitable content will be reviewed, and that sanctions will be issued.\n\t
9.<\/div> Players agree not to interfere with the sites operation or content via any means (e.g. HTTP flooding, software).\n\t
10.<\/div> Any individual who attempts to hack, gain unauthorized entry, reverse engineer or affect the system integrity of Outbreak City will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.\n\t
11.<\/div> Outbreak City does not guarantee that site content is free from errors and viruses, there are however systems in place to help combat viruses and errors.\n\t
12.<\/div> Outbreak City will not be held liable for damages of any kind that may result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials contained on the site.\n\t
13.<\/div> Any uploaded files (e.g. images, text files) sent or received are not the responsibility of Outbreak City, but the responsibility of the player that uploaded the file or sent the message. Outbreak City will not be held liable for any damages (e.g. uploading copyright protected content).\n\t
14.<\/div> The player acknowledges the fact they will receive an email confirming registration and further emails in the form of advertising or newsletters. The player can opt out of these emails at any time through the link provided in the email footer.\n\t
15.<\/div> Outbreak City reserves the right to alter, suspend, terminate or delete any account at any given time, with or without reason.\n\t
16.<\/div> The player accepts that disregarding or refusing to cooperate with the terms listed here, any in-game rules or staff instructions will result in a sanction deemed necessary by a member of staff (e.g. suspension, termination). The player has the right to appeal a sanction issued by non-administrative staff.\n\t
17.<\/div> Outbreak City has an automatic rule enforcement system (\"ORE\"). The player acknowledges this and understands that they may be falsely sanctioned by the automated system due to a mistake of any kind. Outbreak City will correct any mistakes made by \"ORE\", but will not be held liable for any damages (e.g. premium subscription expiring, missing events).\n\t\n\t
Display of Courtesy<\/div>\n\tRules need to be set and enforced, however administration may allow flexibility towards players who break a rule dependant on circumstances.\n\tWe value our players and feedback, if you believe an sanction was injustice - let us know; we'll be happy to look into it (further).\n\tIf you're sanctioned by \"ORE\" and you're not sure why, don't worry - administration manually investigate all actions performed by \"ORE\".\n<\/div>"}